See & feel Greece in a day

A comfortable experience far from the crowds and the traffic jam

Take photos from the sea level. Make your friends jealous

Perfectly combines history & myths with sea, sun and real Greek food

Swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters

Sunbathe on the deck or seat back and relax under the cool shadow

Sunset romance at its best!

Share the fun with your co-travellers, play, laugh and make friends

No transportation worries. We pick you up from your hotel and we take you back

Moments away from Athens

And have a great time

Marianne N.

The Cruise

me, my husband and especially the kids loved this fantastic day escape from Athens all the way to Cape Sounio. The food was excellent, too. We could not have asked for more! Thank you Dimitris, thank you Paul.

Marina T.

The Cruise

..a great experience combining history, swimming, fun and making new friends. Thank you so much for the amazing hospitality and congrats to staff for being professional and friendly at the same time. Good job Sounio Cruise! Go, go , go 🙂

Sergio Nativo

The Cruise

an awesome team, very polite, beautiful & clean yacht, I can’t really say anything negative, perfect!

Alice Lelu

The Cruise

Magic.. Magnifique…

Johannes Lederich

The Cruise

A very friendly team on board provided a warm and comfortable atmosphere on this beautiful beautiful trip to Sounio – 5 stars for you !!!!!