We do not charge any extra fees or fuel surcharges. The listed price is the price you pay. Including tax.

In order to visit the archaeological site of Sounio and the temple of Poseidon, you may have to pay the entrance ticket which costs up to €8 per adult (Kindly notice that we decided to NOT include this ticket to the Sounio Cruise experience because in many cases it is for free and we didn’t want to charge everyone with up to 8 euros when some of the travellers are allowed to enter for free! Fair, right?)

So, up to today, these are the rates to enter the archaeological site of Sounio and the temple of Poseidon:

  • €8 per adult
  • €4 per person between 01 November and 31 March
  • Children and youth under 18 years old are for free
  • EU students are for free, while Non EU students pay €4 per person
  • Free entrance on 6 March & 18 April & 18 May & Last weekend of September & 28 October & First Sunday of the months November to March

There are more details and updates in this very useful link http://odysseus.culture.gr

Cancellations within 14 days prior to departure are subject to full refund.

Cancellations within 7 days prior to departure are subject to 50% cancellation fee.

Re-scheduling your Sounio Cruise may be possible subject to availability. Re-scheduling will cost you €30 per adult and €15 per child.

Refunds are processed within 30 days after receiving your written cancellation.

Our yacht travels with winds up to 6 Beaufort.

Raining is not a problem to cruise but it sets many limitations to swimming, visiting the temple and getting all the fun.

If the weather is unsafe for any reason, the cruise will be changed or postponed. You will be notified in advance if there are changes due to weather.


Printing is not necessary and not eco-friendly.

Most of the times, we only need a valid ID matching your booking.

Rarely, when technology messes up with things, we might need to see a confirmation code/email.

But that’s all we could ask from you 🙂


Our comfortable yacht with plenty of inside & outside space and the fact that we limit the number of travellers to a max of 40, still gives you a feeling of privacy.

If you want it all just for you and your friends or family, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

You should definitely book in advance.

Bookings are essentials for us to organise the Sounio Cruise in a way that you will get the most of it (i.e. to determine the crew members on board, to cook the proper quantities of food, to avoid over-bookings, etc).

Wear whatever is comfortable for a full day at sea with only a couple of hours in the land.

Have in mind the temperature variation as it is usually warm in the day but it gets cooler in the afternoon.

It is recommended to have a pair of slippers as well as a pair of sneakers or other durable/suitable type of shoes for the 10′ walk uphill to the temple of Poseidon.

Please don’t forget your swimwear, your hat, sunglasses and a light jacket to best enjoy the sunset on the open deck.

Yes, we provide free wi-fi connection on the yacht.

But! You should deactivate all those tech-gadgets and live the Sounio Cruise experience with your heart.


No. It is strictly prohibited.
We give no such permission to keep and/or drinking liquor/alcohol that you have brought with you.

Absolutely! We have carefully designed the whole Sounio Cruise experience to meet the needs of families travelling with children.

There are plenty of facilities and comforts that a family could use. Please refer to “THE YACHT” category on the main menu for details (fridge, kitchen, WC, cabins that you could definitely use for free if you just ask us, etc)

Swimming, learning things, eating real and freshly cooked food, dancing or just taking a nap with mom/dad in the cabins is a guarantee that all those lovely small tiny humans will definitely enjoy.

We, at Sounio Cruise, we are all parents and we many times bring our children to have a great time on board 🙂

We have a dedicated B2B team of corporate travel & events professionals to provide you with those extra tips for your next big trip/event in Greece.

Sounio Cruise has already established and continuously enriches long-term relationships with quality travel & other business companies in the world.

Working with your travel agent and or your organisation would be great at any time.

We accept payments by bank transfer, cash on departure and PayPal (includes major Credit Cards such as Visa & MasterCard). Details follow:

– For bank wire/transfer payments in Euros (EUR/€), please use the bank accounts stated on the last step of your purchase.
After paying by bank wire/transfer in either Euros or U.S.Dollars, it is OBLIGATORY to send us a copy of payment by email to info@souniocruise.com or by fax to +30 2103000165.
***You must always send us the copy of payment document to prove payment is made and always mention your name/company’s name as well as the day of your cruise***
If you have any questions about payment, please email us: info@souniocruise.com or call us: +30 2103000155.

– Cash on departure: Get on board, take care of your belongings, enjoy your coffee. This is a strict process that everyone should do to stress out. Then, it’s time to keep calm and pay to the cashier of the yacht 🙂

– PayPal: Please follow the booking steps in our website select PayPal to complete your purchase. If you’ve never used PayPal before, you’ll need to create a PayPal account. When you’ve paid with PayPal, your payment details will be securely stored and your payments will be much quicker in the future.

During your purchase, you can specify any special requests you have.

Please note that these requests cannot be guaranteed and are usually based upon availability and are subject to many parameters.

We always do our best to fulfil your particular requests.

  • After submitting your order and settle the payment by Paypal or by Bank transfer, you will receive an email that will include your Sounio Cruise Confirmation.


  • After submitting your order and set “Cash” as a method of payment you will receive an email that will include your Sounio Cruise Confirmation. To make sure that you are definitely travelling and in order to avoid non-shows, a 2-sides valid credit card photocopy of the master traveller may be requested as a guarantee.

If you receive an error message when booking, please contact us to double-check before attempting to book again. Your order may have been processed, and we do not want you to be charged twice.

Please refer to our terms & conditions section.

Apart from that, we will always do our best to accommodate your requests in times of emergency or other extenuating circumstances.
Please be sure to contact info@souniocruise.com if you have any relevant issues/questions

The safety of your credit card and personal information are our highest priority.
We do not share, sell or otherwise use your personal information without your permission, except when required by law or any legal process.
We use the utmost care and security with any information in your account and will not use this information in ways to which you have not consented

You can always change your email preferences. Just click unsubscribe/manage your subscription on any of the emails received from Sounio Cruise.

If you have forgotten your password, please go to the login button and click “Forgot your password?” button. You can also email us at info@souniocruise.com and we will send you the details.

If your login doesn’t work, please email us for help: info@souniocruise.com

If you need help, our +30 2103000155 number is live during the week from 09:00 to 17:00 (EET). You are also free to email us at info@souniocruise.com at any time/any day, and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our offices are open on weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00 Eastern European Time (EET/Greek time). We are closed on the weekends. Emergency issues are handled on a 24/7 basis. Please call us at +30 2103000155 or email us at info@souniocruise.com

It would be a fantastic idea to email us about your amazing experience during Sounio Cruise.

The web including social media is also the ideal place to post your happy moments. “Efharisto” – Thank you !

Each and every traveller should be in possession of his/her valid and signed passport. Passports must remain valid for at least three months after the end of the trip.
United States of America citizens do not require a visa to enter or travel to Greece.
Citizens of other countries should contact the appropriate authorities (Consulates/Embassies) to specify all necessary details during the preparation phase of their trip.

When travelling abroad, we would suggest you to purchase a travel insurance package that best fits your needs.

Well, this actually depends on the weather conditions on the day you are about to travel.

Most of the times, waters along the coast of Athens and the whole Attica are mostly calm and winds are rarely strong.

The best thing to do is to contact your physician in advance to give you some extra advices.

Average High/Low Temperatures by month in Athens
High/Low Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High °C 13 13 16 19 24 28 32 31 28 23 18 14
High °F 55 55 61 66 75 82 90 88 82 73 64 57
Low °C 7 7 8 11 15 20 22 22 19 15 12 9
Low °F 45 45 46 52 59 68 72 72 66 59 54 48

Please find here below some extra useful information for this matter:

Recommended general packing list includes: Travel towel (microfiber material), Any special toiletries, Sun Hat, Sunglasses, Camera with batteries/memory card/charger, Sewing kit, Reading material/Guide Books, Padlocks, Travel pillow, I-pod/MP3, Pens..

Regarding clothes and footwear, these items could be added to your check list: Light versatile clothes – cotton and quick drying, Swimwear, Long trousers (should be lightweight and comfortable, preferably cotton), your Khakis & light denims, Shorts, Skirt/dress, Sarong/headscarf (could be really useful if you need to cover up quickly), T-Shirts/Long-sleeve t-shirts, Light jacket or fleece (for cooler evenings), A smart/casual outfit for evenings out, Waterproof/windproof jacket, Flip Flops/sandals, Comfortable walking/jogging shoes – trainers (highly recommended for walking in the small villages).

You could also pack some personal care/first aid supplies like: Sunscreen, Moisturizer/after sun cream/lip balm, Mosquito repellent, any prescription medication required, Contact lenses and solution, Travel motion-sickness tablets (i.e. natural ginger tablets).

We always recommend that you pack light, especially if you are about to travel to multiple destinations in Greece.

Informal and smart casual clothing is appropriate almost everywhere and anytime in Greece. For special occasions, you could also bring clothing that you would normally wear in your country. Be aware that in order to enter to a church or a monastery in Greece, men should wear long pants (rather than shorts) and women should wear a skirt or dress of at least knee-height and a top that covers their shoulders.

Mobile phone coverage in Greece is very good. Even remote places have strong signal and you can speak loud and clear as long as your device is compatible with GSM network.

We strongly suggest that you should contact your telecommunications provider before your trip to check compatibility issues and possible charges that may occur.

Alternatively, you could just buy a SIM card (that’s a Greek mobile number with only 5 Euros or something) and inexpensive pre-paid cards for calls and high-speed internet and install it on your mobile phone when you are in Greece.

The electricity voltage in Greece is 220 V/50 Hz and the plugs are of type F.

Although it wouldn’t be a problem to purchase an adaptor and transformer of any kind in Greece, we suggest that you should make a purchase in your country.

Calling from Greece:

Please dial 00 + Dialing Country Code + local phone or mobile phone number.
For example, you are in Greece and you want to call someone in the USA.
You should dial 00 + 1 + local Phone Number or 00 + 1 + Mobile Number.

Calling to Greece:

Please dial the International Call Prefix (exit code) of your country + 30 + local phone or mobile phone number.
For example, you are in the USA and you want to call someone in Greece.
You should dial 011 + 30 + local Phone Number or 011 + 30 + Mobile Number.

We do not recommend women in starting or last phase of pregnancy to join the Sounio Cruise

We regret to inform you that pets are not accepted on-board