Sounio Cruise is a small team of travel & events experts with more than 50 years in the tourism industry

Leonidas (the wise man), Yiannis (the smiling Captain), Dimitris (the doer) and the rest of our crew members, we are the soul, while our comfortable British yacht is the body and YOU are the heart of Sounio Cruise
We are proud to be true and dedicated ambassadors of Greece and we are committed to make you feel relaxed and thrilled at the same time. With an extra touch of originality and fun, we make it a full experience, not just a day tour sitting there and doing nothing, not another boring cruise
Our multi-lingual staff is in full control of our experience and keeps you informed. When contacting Sounio Cruise, you speak with a real person, not a computer, from the beginning to the end. No different departments, no different operators or consultants are involved

Sounio Cruise is well-managed, reliable, honest, passionate and fun to work with. You are in good hands here 🙂

Meet our Team

"the wise man"
Leonidas "the wise man"
"the doer"
Dimitris "the doer"

You are mostly welcomed to pass by our yacht, see the quality of our offering and enjoy a coffee together with our team. Just let us know which morning is best suitable for you and we’ll be glad to arrange it

Marina Zeas, opposite Akti Moutsopoulou 37 street, Postal code 18534

we always reply within 24 hours